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“Beyond continents, borders and languages you have been able to understand my need and with your words you’ve opened to me a new world. “

WRITING YOUR WAY, LLC is a writing mentoring service focused upon helping people find their unique writing voice. Our mission is to help you write YOUR words, YOUR voice, YOUR way.


One on One Writing Mentoring

One on one writing mentoring is the heart of Writing YOUR Way services. I have assisted students and adults with their course assignments, resumes, proposals, memoirs, and fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Special Assistance for Academics

I provide all kinds of writing services for academics, from graduate school and beyond. I provide developmental and line editing for research papers, PhD and grant proposals and dissertation and MA theses. I also have a special mission to assist academic womxn facing job precarity transition into a fulfilling career. I provide assistance with resumes and cover letters, and I have a special one on one service to help womxn prepare for job interviews. I can also assist you in sharpening your CV, or transitioning your CV into a working resume.

Common Application Essay Writing

Writing YOUR Way’s will relaunch its Common Application program in May of 2022. This program helps high school juniors and seniors write the Common Application and supporting essays. Writing YOUR Way will help you transform your unfocused thoughts into a polished essay that will impress an admissions officer at the college of your dreams.

College Counseling

I employ my 30 years of experience working as a university and college professor to help you narrow down your list of potential post-secondary institutions to help you choose the right school for you. If you would like to work with me, the earlier in your high school career you meet with me, the better.

Self-Edit Academy

Self-Edit Academy is an online class designed for a small group of middle to high school students up their writing game. This class can address any student’s writing needs, from those who struggle to those who want to become better writers. I open my satchel of writing tools and techniques and shares them with student. The course’s emphasis is on practical results. As a bonus, Self Edit Academy students are gifted with a 10% discount on any Writing Your Way writing service for one year from the completion of their course.

Self-Edit Academy completed Spring term in May of 2022. Stay tuned for future enrollment dates. Contact Dr. Gina Petonito to explore individual self-guided enrollment.


Email me at:  gpetonito@gmail.com

I can’t wait to work with you.  Your success is my success!

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Here’s What Parent Say About Me and My Approach to Working with Your Teen

Dr. Gina Petonito has been assisting our high school senior with his college applications through the summer of 2021. We have been impressed not only with her expertise in helping him formulate his thought processes and put them in writing but also her invaluable guidance and knowledge about various institutions. This has helped him focus on what fits his future interests and channel his efforts towards what would be in line with his credentials and ultimate goals. We have had some experience with our oldest child who graduated from high school a few years ago and this time on, the process seems so much more organized and streamlined. This has certainly alleviated some degree of  anxiety and stress on our part as we know that he is in good hands with Dr.G’s guidance and help. We are looking forward to watching our son achieve his goals and hopefully find himself at an institution of his choice.

Drs. Saba Ansari & Junaid Malik, Mason, Ohio

Here’s What Students Say About Me And My Approach to Writing

I want to thank you, Gina. You’ve inspired me. You’ve inspired me by being such a  kind  woman and such an energetic professional. You gave me strength and energy to stand up, to come back into the arena. Beyond continents, borders and languages you have been able to understand my need and with your words you’ve opened to me a new world. Continue to do what you’re doing the way you’re doing it: with empathy and ethics. Without any doubt, you’ll reach more than you would imaginine. 

Mariem Boughlami, Lyon, France

What I learned during my mentorship with Dr. Petonito will last me through college and my professional career. I understand now how important writing is in every subject, and how it can transform a boring paper into an engaging composition to showcase the work and logic you put into whatever project you are working on.  

Jonah Landis, Walnut Hills High School Student, Class of 2021, Cincinnati, OH, West Point, Class of 2025

When I was in school, I was lucky to have the guidance and assistance from Gina. Writing was something that was stressful for me, but she helped me get through the stress, enjoy the process and want to do more. With the help I received from Gina, I was able to finish my Master’s Thesis and receive my Master’s Degree.  

Tara Sanders, Care Coordinator, Rincon, GA

Professor Petonito’s instruction helped me identify questions where all I had seen before were standard answers passed down through textbook after textbook. As a college thesis supervisor, she helped me develop the critical capacity to develop my own questions and the skills to research my own answers. As a classroom teacher, she provided a safe and patient environment for all of us to learn how to express and respond to complex ideas. I drew on these skills throughout my post-graduate education and use them still as a professional analyst and an activist. Her instruction provided me with the confidence to express myself with clarity and precision.  

Geoff Guy, Chicago, IL, Data and Evaluation Associate at La Casa Norte.

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