About Gina Petonito, PhD

Writer, Coach, Sociologist, Retired University Professor

Imagine working on your writing one on one with a former university professor? It’s possible!

I am a retired university professor, trained coach, a mom of one son, and always…. a writer.  I love writing so much, that I teach writing in every course I taught over the last three decades as a University Professor.

The successes of all the students I have assisted throughout these 30 some odd years is truly my success. In every instance, I help students find their own writer’s voice. Yes, there are grammar and composition rules to follow, but every writer is unique.  Every writer can write their way.  

That is why I founded, Write YOUR way. So, join me as one of my Write YOUR Way mentees.  I will help you find the best way to express YOUR thoughts, ideas.  Your success, is my success.

Gina Petonito Resume

Positions Held

Founding Member, Academic Womxn Reclaim Your Power

Founding Member, Writing Your Way, LLC

Visiting Associate Professor, Miami University, Ohio

Associate Professor, Western Illinois University

Assistant Professor, Alma College

Visiting Assistant Professor, Skidmore College


Syracuse University, MA, PhD

University of New Haven, BA, MA

Sampling of Recent Publications

Co-editor, American Legislative Leaders in the Northeast, 2000, Greenwood Press.

Beth Deitz, Gina Petonito, K Mann, Barbara Oswald, Camilla McMahon, and Meghan Litnthicum, 2021. “Pivoting During a Pandemic: Creating Presence for All Students,” Forth. in the Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology

Gina Petonito. 2020. Windows into the Soul: Surveillance and Society in an Age of High Technology by Gary T. Marx, Criminal Justice Review, https://doi.org/10.1177/0734016820926555

Gina Petonito, 2018. “Crafting Online Discussions in a Sociology of Gender Class,” Teaching/Learning Matters Newsletter of the American Sociological Association Section on Teaching and Learning, Spring 2018, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp. 18-19.

Gina Petonito and Glenn W. Muschert, 2018. “Silver Alert: Societal Aging, Dementia and Framing of a Social Problem,” in Critical Gerontology Comes of Age, edited by Christopher Wellin, Routledge, Taylor and Francis, pp. 134-150.

Gina Petonito and Glenn W. Muschert, 2015. “Silver Alert Programs: An Exploration of Community Sentiment Regarding a Policy Solution to Address the Problem of Critical Wandering in an Aging Population,” in Handbook of Community Sentiment, edited by Monica K. Miller, Jeremy A. Blumenthal and Jared Chamberlain, Springer Publishing, pp. 253-266.

Gina Petonito, Glenn W. Muschert, Dawn C. Carr, Jennifer Kinney, Emily J. Robbins, and J. Scott Brown, 2013. “Programs to Locate Missing and Critically Wandering Elders:  A Critical Review and a Call for Multiphasic Evaluation,” The Gerontologist, Vol 53. No. 1, pp 17-25.  

Gina Petonito.  2008. “Nourishing Our Roots:  Voices From AHS’s First Five Years,” Humanity & Society, 32: 104-128.

Recent Awards

2022 Jane Addams Award for Service to Women

2018 Campus Impact Diversity Appreciation Award

2017 SOCHE Faculty Excellence Award

2017 Miami University Regionals Faculty Service Excellent Award

Seven Faculty Commendations, Miami University

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