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Self-Edit Academy Mission

Do you struggle starting, organizing and editing your writing assignments, so much so that the due date or that AP test is right around the corner? Do you have a Common Application Essay to write, but you have no idea how to start? Do you have an assignment that has a firm word count, but you are way over and you don’t know how to cut it down?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to write, edit and polish one of your writing assignments in 8 weeks or less, so that you can develop the skills you need to confidently tackle any future writing assignment.

Why Self-Edit Academy

Writing is central to your school and future employment success.  With so many jobs moving online, writing skills are more important than ever, even for science and math students. In fact, business experts consider writing ability one of the most important skills a potential employee should possess.

Imagine how your writing can improve with guidance from a former university professor who has dedicated her time to helping YOU. She will open her satchel of writing techniques and share them with you, so you can start upping your writing game from the very first session. YOU will develop a method, plan of action and acquire the skills you need to succeed.

Imagine you, walking into a future AP or double credit class or a writing intensive university class. You scan the syllabus, check the writing assignments and say: I GOT THIS!

What Former Students Say About Self-Edit Academy

“Self-Edit Academy taught me that there are different styles of writing, so that I can have the freedom to write whatever I want,” (MA, Age 14, Self-Edit Academy Student, 2022).

“If you ever need writing assistance, this is the place to go. There is more than one way to write an essay, not just the five-paragraph essay.” (AR Age 17, Self-Edit Academy Student, 2022).

“I loved the short videos…I understand more of what it’s like to become a writer and I even understand more grammatical principles than I did before.” (MS Age 16, Self-Edit Academy Student, 2021).

“I learned how to express myself while I am writing. In other classes, I have to write according to the rules the teacher says. In this course, I could write how I really feel. (ID Age 13, Self-Edit Academy Student, 2021.

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Self-Edit Academy will be delivered in five modules:

Module 1: Throw the Clay: Get started by learning methods to conquer the blank page and getting unstuck

Module 2: Create the Form: Learn two or more different ways of structuring your writing assignments

Module 3:  Sculpt and Refine: Jump into writing by choosing your writing style

Module 4:  Edit and Polish: Learn at least three ways to edit your paper

Module 5:  Your Masterpiece is Born: Incorporate reader critique, submit and…


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Self-Edit Academy is held on one of the best course delivery platforms out there: Kajabi. Once you start the program, you will be immersed in a series of continual wins, until your final masterpiece is ready to submit. Self-Edit Academy will provide a nurturing environment where your creativity can flourish.

Self-Edit Academy is a certified Experience Product, a coveted honor granted to only a few by Marisa Murgatroyd and Live Your Message.

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Each Self-Edit Academy student will earn a 10% discount on any of my Writing Your Way Services until one year after the final class day.

Each Self-Edit Academy student who completes the course will  earn one hour of free editing with me, Dr. Gina Petonito

“I learned a lot from the program. I learned how to express myself while I am writing. In other classes, I have to write according to the rules the teacher says. In this course, I could write how I really feel.”  

ID, Age 13, Self Edit Academy student, February –April 2021

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